Going Global: Growing Your International Membership
Going Global: Growing Your International Membership (2013)
William Hanson (2013)

Going Global: Growing Your International Membership is an investigation into how professional bodies can successfully transition from being national organisations into international ones, representing their professions globally.

The world has grown smaller. Companies and individuals alike are increasingly comfortable operating or living between nations. Globalisation has brought about a need for consistency and standardisation in the professional services that are crucial to the well being of our societies and economies. This standardisation has made it easier for professional bodies to recruit members from other countries and the Internet has made it easier to deliver services to them. However, the shift to becoming an international organisation is about more than just having international members and opening international offices.

This book is intended as a handbook for anyone responsible for creating or revising an international strategy for a professional body. Our intention is to set out the various challenges that need to be overcome and the questions that need answering in order to define and implement an international strategy for your professional body.

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