Thanks to our experience and knowledge of recruitment practices and the professional body market, we can advise and support you in recruiting senior roles.

Where do we help with your recruitment process?

We offer support at all stages of the recruitment process, including:

  • Giving advice on job descriptions and advertisements
  • Screening applications
  • Designing assessment days
  • Facilitating interviews
  • Acting as an independent interviewer on your selection panel

How has our work helped professional bodies?

Our experience has meant that we have been contracted to manage the recruitment of a number of CEOs and various other board members.

Here's what one of our previous clients, the Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPReg), thought of our recruitment support service:

“We used PARN to manage our recent recruitment process for two lay members of the IPReg Board. PARN provided professional and cost-effective support to a small team, particularly at the first sift stage, at all times ensuring clear and effective communication with applicants which is critical for the process to work well.” 


Find Out More

To discuss how we can support your recruitment processes, contact Robert Pitts, Head of Services at PARN:

T:   0117 928 1997 (Direct line)
E:   [email protected]