The National Counselling Society and National Hypnotherapy Society are looking for two Lay Council members to join us.
Information for Applicants

The National Counselling Society and the National Hypnotherapy Society (the Societies) Council is composed of 8 members and a Chair. There are four ex-officio members and four lay members.


Time commitment:
The Council meets 3/4 times a year for 3-4 hours via Zoom (if there are any changes to this Council members will be notified in writing).
An attendance fee of £100.00 per day will be paid. If the Council need to meet face-to-face, expenses will be paid. Meals and refreshments will also be provided during the meeting if this is the case.
Ideal Competencies:
The Societies welcome applications from all and consider the following to be useful skills for Council members:
·         Ability to listen and communicate effectively
·         Ability to work as part of a team
·         An awareness of equality and diversity issues
·         Although not practising therapists – we welcome those with an interest in the professions of counselling and hypnotherapy. 
·         Those who have experience as a patient or client are welcome to apply
About the Societies
We encourage applicants to the Society website(s) for information about what we do:
The National Counselling Society:
The National Hypnotherapy Society:
About the AR programme
Each of the Societies holds a register that is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority under the Accredited Register programme – more information at
Lay members
We define a lay member as someone who is not (and never has been) a member or registrant of either the National Counselling Society or the National Hypnotherapy Society.  There is further information regarding possible conflicts of interest later in this document.


It is proposed that Lay Council members will hold office for a maximum of three years – and re-appointment can be made at the end of that time for a further maximum period of two years, subject to a satisfactory review and approval Council.
The Role of Lay Council Members
Our aim is to have a Council which will have a mixture of different experience and skills that can add to the richness and diversity of the Societies.  If you are interested in applying to join the Council we will ask you to:
·         Support the council’s objectives
·         Participate in and aid effective decision making
·         Share your knowledge and experience
·         Act as an ambassador for the Societies
Conflict of Interests
Close relationships with other Council or committee members or officers of the Societies may be considered a conflict of interest and should be declared at the application stage.  Any other possible conflicts of interest will be fully explored at interview stage.
Equal Opportunities and Diversity
The Society council welcomes applications from all sections of the community and from people with a variety of different backgrounds and experience.
All Council members will be asked to sign a separate confidentiality agreement.
The closing date for applications is the 15th of November.
Please use the following link to apply: