About the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

The UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) is recognised as the leading professional body for the education, training and accreditation of psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors. We represent training organisations and over 9,000 individual therapists - working privately or in the NHS or voluntary sector - offering a wide variety of psychotherapeutic approaches or modalities. As part of our commitment to protecting the public, we work to improve access to psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling, to support and disseminate research, to improve standards and to respond effectively to complaints against our members.

Lay Chairs for Complaints Panel Hearings Role

  • Lay Chair (x 5) for Adjudication/Appeal/Interim Order Panels
  • Location Central London (when in person) or Remotely 
  • Reimbursement- Fixed daily fee of £200 maximum plus expenses in accordance with the UKCP expenses policy (2020)

As part of our commitment to protecting the public, we work to improve standards and to respond effectively to complaints against our members. We are looking for 5 Lay Chairs (someone who has not worked in or studied the field of psychotherapy) who have an active interest in ethics and complaints to sit on our complaints panel hearings.


About the role

A panel comprises of a Lay Chair and two Professional Members (psychotherapists/psychotherapeutic counsellors) registered with UKCP. They are supported by an independent Legal Assessor (barrister) who will give guidance on the law.

A Lay Chair, if selected to sit on a panel, is acting as an individual, independent from UKCP and any other organisation they may be affiliated with. They are appointed for their experience and expertise and their primary duty is to ensure public protection. The Lay Chair is responsible for the running of the hearing and will work with the Professional Members to reach a fair and well-reasoned decision.

The Lay Chair is also responsible for facilitating discussion between the Professional Members and for ensuring the written decision accurately reflects the decision of the panel.  

The panel members prepare for the hearing by assimilating the hearing bundle of documents provided by the UKCP Panel Secretary generally a fortnight prior to the hearing.


• To sit on a range of independent panels to consider applications for an interim suspension order, allegations of impaired fitness to practise or misconduct and appeals;

• To demonstrate fairness and consistent application of the Complaints and Conduct Process and the UKCP code of ethics; and

• To provide clear and consistent public decisions regarding any sanctions applied, or outcomes of any appeals.


Duties and Responsibilities

UKCP requires that all panel members demonstrate their ability to undertake the following responsibilities:

• With sufficient notice, be available for up to 1 week, up to 2-3 times a year to Chair a hearing.

• Ensure you have an understanding of the Complaints and Conduct Process and UKCP’s code of ethics (2009 and 2019 versions).

• Identify, acknowledge, and set aside your own prejudices and bias and identify how you might be influenced inappropriately by aspects of the case.

• Ensure that you have read and fully understood the hearing bundle sent to you prior to the hearing and ensure there is no potential conflict of interest in a case.

• Introduce all parties and explain the running order of the day and maintain control of the hearing throughout.

• Act in good faith and do or say nothing that could bring the impartiality of the panel into disrepute. You must use appropriate and non-discriminatory language and must challenge any discriminatory comments made by others.

• Consider relevant information and work with other panel members to make procedurally and legally sound decisions which allow cases to complete and are compliant with the relevant UKCP codes.

• Be supportive and respectful and be able to demonstrate good communication skills that encourage participation in the hearing. This may require you to adapt your communication style to ensure you are being understood and to minimise interpersonal conflict.

• Contribute to the formulation of the panel’s written reasons for their decision. You must challenge any bias or prejudice you perceive in the decision-making process and must be able to question the views of colleagues to clarify information, facts, and evidence to ensure a fair decision is reached.

• Take accurate, succinct notes of relevant evidence to assist you and the Professional Members in the final decision-making process. You must ask questions to clarify issues and ensure all relevant information is obtained prior to a decision being made.

• Analyse and assess information and evaluate potential outcomes that flow from any decision reached. You must ensure that the considered factors are relevant and that those that could lead to an unfair decision are not taken into account.


Person Specification (to be addressed in your supporting statement)

Essential Experience

• Good interpersonal and communication skills

• The ability to participate in hearings and group decision-making during difficult casework

• The ability to assimilate often complex documents in advance of hearings

• Experience of dealing with complaints

• The ability to interpret legal advice and to determine the most appropriate application of UKCP proceedings

• Commitment to equalities, diversity and inclusion and the ability to put this into practice

Desirable Experience

• Ability to use online/remote technology

• Experience of tribunal or committee work

• Experience of working within the charitable/voluntary sector


To apply please send your CV and supporting letter by 5pm on 9 August 2020, explaining how you meet the requirements and why you would like the position, to HR@ukcp.org.uk.

Interviews will be held remotely on 20 August 2020.