About the CEO Forum

Our CEO Forum is a Special Interest Group for CEOs or equivalents at professional bodies. It provides a non-competitive environment for staff at the most senior level to network, share and learn from each other.

The Forum is run by its members who set the agenda; we provide the administrative, secretarial and organisational expertise.

The group is open free of charge to members, non-members can enquire about joining the forum by contacting Will Pritchard ([email protected]).  CEO Forum meetings are to be treated as a confidential setting to share best practice and find solutions to common problems. They are held both virtually and in person.

CEO Forum 2022-23 Events

We’re pleased to confirm our programme of events for 2022-23. This year’s programme contains a combination of best practice sessions and sharing sessions. Our best practice sessions provide CEO Forum Members the chance to hear from key speakers. Our sharing sessions allow for more time to be spent on informal discussion, going around the room to hear different perspectives on key issues.

Meetings will be held both virtually and in-person.

11 October 2022 - The Cost of Living Crisis 
11:00 - 12:30

Virtual Meeting held via Zoom

The cost of living crisis is one of the chief concerns for professional bodies. This meeting will give CEO's the chance to meet with other CEO's and discuss their anticipated challenges and provides a chance to learn about challenges others are facing that you haven't yet considered. Discussion may include, but not limited to, the following issues: 

  • Balancing subscription income against staff salaries
  • Managing office costs and staff attendance in offices
  • Keeping event costs down
  • Retaining staff 

These are just a few of the challenges organisations may face but doubtless there are more to consider. If there is an issue you would particularly like to discuss please contact Will Pritchard ([email protected]) with your thoughts.


21st March 2023 - What is your success story?
11:00 - 13:00

In person Meeting to be held at the Chartered Quality Institute (View on map)

 A chance to meet and connect with other CEOs in our first in person CEO Forum meeting since the start of the pandemic. This meeting will  open with a brief sessions titled 'What is your success story?'. As a group we often come together to share problems but rarely get the chance to discuss where we have recently had success. In our opening session delegates will be invited to spend 2-3 minutes outlining some success they have had over the last 12 months at their organisation. 

We will also have time for networking, tea and coffee.

Mid 2023 - Non Executive Directors, Getting the balance right
11:00  - 12:30

 We will be looking at the role of NED's at Professional Bodies and further information on the topic will be shared closer to the event.

Previous Meetings

Reports from our previous meetings can be downloaded here



Membership subscriptions are based on an annual fee:

- PARN member  £250 (+VAT)
- Non-member  £325 (+VAT)


Interested in joining? Please e-mail [email protected].