About the CEO Forum

Our CEO Forum is a Special Interest Group for CEOs or equivalents at professional bodies. It provides a non-competitive environment for staff at the most senior level to network, share and learn from each other.

The Forum is run by its members who set the agenda; we provide the administrative, secretarial and organisational expertise.

The group is open to members and non-members alike. Face-to-face meetings previously took place at least twice a year, but due to COVID-19 this has been amended to include 4 virtual meetings per membership year. These meetings are to be treated as a confidential setting to share best practice and find solutions to common problems.

This Membership Year's Meeting Dates & Dicussion Topics:

  1. 24th September 2020; BEIS Call for Evidence, & returning to the office.
  2. 8th December 2020; Inter-disciplinary approach to working across professional bodies, & advice for staff working from home over winter.
  3. 4th March 2021;How professional bodies promote professionalism within their sector.
  4. 1st July 2021; TBC

Occasionally, the outcomes of these meetings may be of interest to a wider audience - this is a great opportunity for a proactive community to make a difference to the sector. With the approval of Forum members we may distribute discussion documents to the group and/or the professional body sector at large.


Membership subscriptions are based on an annual fee:

- PARN member  £250 (+VAT)
- Non-member  £325 (+VAT)


Interested in joining? Please e-mail info@parnglobal.com.