PARN Global News Article - 23 October 2018

In November 2018, the Professional Body for Facilities Management (BIFM) will become the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM).

Becoming the IWFM is a defining strand of their ambition to reframe facilities management, emphasising its ability to make a real contribution to the performance of organisations - more value creator, less cost centre.

"Workplace is being added to the Institute’s name because it embraces a wider range of key functions than Facilities Management, recognising the joint responsibility of FM, IT and Human Resources to achieving optimal performance between people, technology and workplace. There is a manifest need for skilled individuals who can interconnect between these specialisms. At present none of the individual professions has taken responsibility for meeting the need to develop a cadre of interconnection specialists. The Institute intends to work with other organisations to develop the range of tools and qualifications that members will need to rise to this challenge."

As part of their change programme they're working to create a modern professional body by streamlining communications for their busy professional community.  They're focussing their efforts into making their members' experience smooth and efficient by creating a great on-line service, while doing their bit towards a sustainable future by cutting down on paper and plastic. Members can access all their membership needs online, wherever they are. 
They have also tasked themselves with helping their members improve their skills and their status to meet the needs of modern organisations; and with raising the profile of facilities management and its value more widely.

BIFM Chair, Stephen Root said:

“[the] step is not taken lightly or without thought. In making this move [to change the name] we are responding to the challenge to provide leadership in an industry which has not yet shown all it is capable of, and hence, has not yet achieved the status it deserves".

As well as changing their name, the switch to IWFM will come with a full rebrand, inclusing a new website. 

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