A report published today by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Diversity and Inclusion Working Group (DIWG), suggests that work experience is more influential than socio-economic background in relation to employment prospects for chemical engineering students.  

Social mobility and the chemical engineering profession in the UK, presents findings of a survey taken by more than 1,700 IChemE UK members in October 2016. The research looked at the effect of parental occupation, childhood household income and education history on the chemical engineering sector.

The results offer intriguing insights into the socio-economic influences on the career prospects of IChemE members in the UK; including that privately educated respondents did not appear to end up with higher qualifications than respondents who received a state education.

IChemE’s President, John McGagh, said:

“Championing diversity and inclusion is a vital part of IChemE’s work to build and support the chemical engineering community. I’m grateful to our members in the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group for contributing to these efforts. Their work raises important questions about how we ensure work placement opportunities are accessible to all chemical engineering students around the world.”

Find out more about the report on the IChemE website

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