About the Reports

Each year, we research and compile our Financial Benchmarking for Professional Bodies report. 

It offers a unique opportunity to benchmark your organisation's performance against the sector: use the report for planning, evaluating and directing your organisation's financial activities now and in the future.

These in-depth reports help your professional body identify significant differences between its performance and the sector composites - an important first step towards improving performance. 

Collecting the Data

Our financial benchmarking reports are based on data from over 350 professional bodies in the UK.

They are compiled from professional bodies’ annual reports/reviews and financial statements, available from their websites, the Charity Commission or Companies House.

Customised Reports

Want to understand how your organisation measures up to others in the sector? We can create a customised report for your organisation with prices starting at £150 for our members.

For more information about getting a customised report, contact Natasha Afitska, our Quantitative Researcher. You can also call Natasha directly on 0117 928 1994.

Order Your Report

In Autumn 2019, we published the tenth edition of the report based on data from 2017- 2018. The next report will be available the same time this year!

Reports are available for purchase online: