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About the Research

We were supported by four PARN Members to research strategic evaluation and management of internal stakeholders.

We addressed the need of professional associations to manage the interests and requests of a wide range of individuals and groups of members, which we labelled as internal stakeholders. This range of interests can pull the association in different directions and make competing demands on limited resources.

The key research areas we set out to investigate were:

  • How members’ and other internal stakeholder interests and demands are evaluated and prioritised
  • How relations are managed and to what extent this is consistent with an overall strategy

The project was based on the belief that many associations are dealing with such demands in a piecemeal and reactive manner, responding by placating those who shout loudest in a fire-fighting manner without evaluating and prioritising these demands in a strategic way.

What did we find?

Read the findings and in-depth analysis in our publication, Member Relations & Strategy: Supporting Member Involvement & Retention.

"This research presents a model which enables professional bodies to measure the Professional Development Value of their CPD schemes and measurement systems."
International Federation of Accountants