Governance of Professional Associations: The Players & Processes [digital]

Governance of Professional Associations: The Players & Processes (2003)
Andrew Friedman and Mary Phillips (2003)

This is the second book in a series of PARN publications on the governance of Professional Associations.

The first discussed the challenges facing governing bodies, and in particular the need to balance effectiveness with representativity. The 'cupped hands' model was presented which offered a way of re-thinking the roles of Council and Executive Board.

This book addresses the following issues:

The cupped hands model re-visited;
Governance processes such as involving the membership, devising strategy, monitoring, and accountability;
Communication flows between the different groupings that make up the cupped hands model;
The relationships between volunteers and secretariat;
The role of committees and other sub-groups.

Examples of interesting practice;
Practical guidance.
The research behind this book was supported by a consortium of five UK professional associations.