Ask The Network (ATN) surveys are designed to be short and easy to answer, giving members the unique opportunity to 'ask our network', about a topic of their choice, on any area of interest or practice. 

Our dedicated ATN coordinator will format the questions to yield responses, analyse the responses and complete a review of responses which will be sent to the commissioner and respondents, as well as being made available in our members area. Members can view all our ATN results in the Members Area hereFull PARN Members have access to run two free ATNs per year.

How it works

An ATN survey typically consists of six to eight questions on a topic that relates or impacts you as a professional body. We will help you format your questions in a way that will allow for meaningful results. These questions are then sent out in various ways to our network.

There is no 'right or wrong' topic for an ATN; it should be on an issue that is important to you and your organisation. Once the survey is ready and created for you, we will send, manage and handle all related admin. As the commissioner of a ATN, you will then receive a comprehensive report with the results and analysis. These types of benchmarking summaries can be extremely useful for strategic planning for the future.

Turn around time is usually four to six weeks from start to finish although sometimes this can vary, as we will often try to avoid circulating any ATNs over the summer in order to reach the most people.

Open ATN Surveys: How to Utilise & Manage Volunteers 

For most professional associations, volunteers represent a key group of people and are a crucial aspect of the management of the organisation. The way volunteers are recruited, trained and managed actually become defining factors when ensuring that volunteer contributions are both successful and valued.  We want to explore current practices surrounding volunteers within professional associations and define best practice when it comes to the following:

  • The recruitment of volunteers. 
  •  How volunteers are trained and administered. 
  •  Reviewing volunteer performance. 

Deadline: 12th April 2024 Click here to complete the survey and share your thoughts. 


All Member organisations are able to use this service, however due to its popularity it is only available twice each membership year. This is so that every organisation gets a fair opportunity to commission and run an ATN. If you have a greater need, it might be that you consider our bespoke consultancy service. If this is something that you would like more information on, please click here to email Will, the PARN Services Manager.

Variety and a wealth of resources

Historically, we have had ATNs commissioned on a wide range of topics including: Education & CPD, Ethics & Discipline, Events & Services, External Relations, Governance, Membership, Operations and Organisational Functions.

As part of the benefits of membership, you are able to access all historic ATN survey results and reports. As standard, these can be found in the Members Area although if you are under time constraints or are struggling to find what you are after, please reach out to the general enquiries team by clicking here and someone will be able to assist you and send over the relevant documents.

Strategic Planning

ATNs can be useful in terms of planning and looking to the future. If you have any idea or a topic that you would like to ask the network, then you should contact our ATN Coordinator who will be able to get the process started for you. Currently, the ATN Coordinator is Alex Witt and you can contact him by clicking here.

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