How Can We Help Your Membership?


We believe that membership recruitment, retention and growth must be placed in the broad context of member relations. Member services must be strategically considered within the wider framework of professional body membership value.

Below you can view information on the Membership Services PARN offers

  • Membership Strategy
  • Member Networks
  • Member Surveys
  • Focus Groups

Membership Strategy

Having built a substantial knowledge base, extensive benchmarking data and published a book on The Growing Pains of Smaller Professional Associations : Key Issues and Interesting Practice, we are ideally placed to advise you in the early stages of development.

We give you long-term support and provide input when you need it, whether through individual consultancy days or larger projects tailored to your organisation.

How has our work helped professional bodies?

Organisations have used our service to review their plans and documentation, helping them to understand requirements and form an action plan for the future.

For another organisation with 50% of its membership overseas, we developed a strategy to increase membership and improve engagement, bringing an external challenge to internal thinking. Plus, through our resources the body gained invaluable benchmarking knowledge of the professional body sector.

Where do we give advice?

We provide advice in all areas relating to professional bodies, including:

  • Foundation documents and objects
  • Governance
  • Membership strategy
  • Accreditation and qualifications
  • CPD
  • Professional standards
  • Establishing a body of knowledge
  • Stakeholder engagement

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If you would like to establish your membership strategy, or are reviewing your existing strategy, contact Robert Pitts, Head of Services at PARN:

T:   0117 928 1997 (Direct line)
E:   [email protected]

Member Networks 

Member networks are at the heart of how professional bodies function, but they can be hard to manage. Issues over autonomy, budget-setting, identity and control can arise. Our expertise on this topic informs our work in supporting your review of your networks.

How do we help manage your member networks?

We advise you on how to structure, manage, fund and support your networks with a focus on how volunteers are trained and managed. With our support, understand how these networks can feed back into your organisation and its governance.

In addition, we advise on your use of social media and online technology to support your member networks. This service is grounded in our research on social networking and managing member networks.

How has our work helped professional bodies?

We've worked to grow membership for organisations beyond the confines of 'branch networks' through developing a structured member network strategy.


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For more information about member networks services, contact Robert Pitts, Head of Services at PARN:

T:   0117 928 1997 (Direct line)
E:   [email protected]


Member Surveys

We believe that to develop and be successful, it's important to find out what your members think of you and what you do for them.

How do our member surveys help?

Member surveys give your organisation a profile of your membership and your members' professional practice, as well as their views on your services and activities. You will gain insight into your members’ levels of satisfaction with your current services and find out what they want in the future.

How does it work?

We conduct an online member survey on behalf of your organisation. We assist you in building all aspects of the survey to best fit your individual needs. As an extra support, we can also run focus groups and advise on member communication channels.

We can help in any or all of these areas:

  • Write and/or review survey questions on a range of areas
  • Run the online survey
  • Analyse data and report findings
  • Carry out further in-depth analysis

What makes our service unique?

Our expertise in running member surveys for professional bodies is based on our research into member relations and strategyanalysing member services and membership structures.


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For more information about how we can conduct member surveys for your organisation, contact Robert Pitts, Head of Services at PARN:

T:   0117 928 1997 (Direct line)
E:   [email protected] 


Focus Groups

Focus groups inform your market research. They help you to better understand your members' and stakeholders' views, leading to results that can make a real difference to your organisation.

How does our focus group service help you?

Our focus group service brings a much-needed balance of independence and understanding to this process: we understand the professional body sector but remain separate to your organisation. We can help you discover what your members think, how they feel and what they want from you as their professional body.


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For more information about using focus groups, contact Robert Pitts, Head of Services at PARN:

T:   0117 928 1997 (Direct line)
E:   [email protected]