Managing Member Networks: Strategy, Volunteers & Funding [digital]

Managing Member Networks: Strategy, Volunteers & Funding (2014)
Christina Williams & Andy Friedman (2014)

Managing Member Networks: Strategy, Volunteers & Funding is a study of how a wide range of professional bodies are managing, financing and supporting their member networks with an insight into best practice and successful approaches.

The rise of social media does not seem to have diminished the importance of physical member networks offered by professional bodies such as regional branches or special interest groups. Our research shows that these kinds of networks are enduring and that participation is increasing for many organisations. However, they are not without their problems.

This book is intended to be informative for anyone responsible for managing member networks for a professional body. Our intention is to investigate the various challenges involved in running networks and the different approaches that might be taken.

Additionally, this book builds upon other research based publications by PARN:

Engaging & Retaining Your Members (2013)
Raising the Value of Professional Body Membership (2011)

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