Adaptability: The Secret to Lifelong Learning [digital]

Adaptability: The Secret to Lifelong Learning (2014)
Hilary Lindsay (2014)

Adaptability: The Secret to Lifelong Learning explores what continuing professional development and lifelong learning mean in practice today for members of professions and their professional bodies.

Globalisation, demands for accountability and technological advances mean the world in which professionals work will never stand still. Meanwhile jobs for life have been consigned to the past and professional careers will tend to be more fragmented with more transitions. Individual professionals will be exploring different ways of using their expertise. Increased life expectancy means they may need or choose to work for longer. In this context, learning becomes even more important.

This book explores how patterns of learning vary across the roles, sectors, career stages and gender of members of professions. The individual learning experiences captured in the research lead to the development of the Professional Learning Iceberg, a simple, compelling model of learning encompassing both CPD and lifelong learning. The model recognises the enduring importance of professional competence while also identifying career adaptability as the X-factor which will help individual professionals succeed, both in any role they undertake and across their careers.

This book builds upon other research based publications by PARN:

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