Membership Fees & Structures in Professional Bodies [Digital]

Membership Fees & Structures in Professional Bodies (2013)
In 2013, a survey was conducted by PARN in partnership with haysmacintyre to investigate membership fees and structures in professional bodies based in the UK.

A total of 80 professional bodies responded to the survey and all responses have been anonymised in the final report.

This survey report presents an overall top-level analysis of survey results based on the whole sample of data.

Customised Reports

Thinking of raising your membership fees? Would you like information on the frequency and amount of increase of others?

We can help you to benchmark your professional body against those of a similar size and sector and provide the results to you in a customised report. In addition to getting more detailed analysis around membership fees and structures, we can connect that data with how successful those other professional bodies have been in terms of income from membership subscriptions and profitability.

For more information about customised reports, contact Kat Hogg, Research Manager at PARN. You can also contact Kat directly on 0117 928 1998.

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