Lay member involvement in governing bodies, disciplinary panels, patient forums, etc. provides a positive and effective mechanism for demonstrating transparency, independence and accountability.

Why use our lay member register?

Lay members bring a new dimension to your professional body's work, contributing their expertise and representing the public's perspective.

Our lay member register is composed solely of people with experience at a professional body who are therefore sympathetic to your aims, understand the role of professional bodies and are in tune with how you operate.

Over the past year, six organisations have successfully recruited lay members through our service.

How does our lay member service work?

The service is simple:

  1. Submit your volunteer opportunity to us
  2. We distribute the details to the register
  3. You receive the responses

How much does it cost?

Our lay member service represents a huge saving compared to press advertising* and goes straight to the inbox of potential lay members. We offer this service at a heavily discounted price to all our members.

PARN Members:  £250 + VAT per listing
Non-Members:     £500 + VAT per listing

*   National press adverts of 4cms x 12cms can cost £2000-£4500.

** When booked at the same time by the same organisation.

Find Out More

For more information about our Lay Member Service contact Will Pritchard, Sponsorship and Events Coordinator on [email protected].

"We have found this service extremely useful. We have recruited some excellent members for our Register Advisory Board through this PARN service and would definitely use it again."

- British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy 

"I have been registered with PARN for over 5 years and as a direct result have secured lay positions with six national regulators. The endorsement of PARN that comes from inclusion on their opportunities database is a very positive factor and I believe a key advantage in securing lay positions. I unhesitatingly recommend it to those who are seeking to use your previous experience to the benefit of improving standards and governance on the national stage."

- Stephen Thacker, a lay member on our Register