CILEX Regulation Consults on Regulatory Transfer to Solicitors Regulation Authority 

PARN Global News Article - 

The regulatory body for 20,000 legal executives, CILEx Regulation, has initiated a consultation to challenge the plans of the representative body, CILEX, regarding the transfer of regulation to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). The consultation poses two key questions: whether changing the current regulatory system is a priority and if CILEx Regulation should become more independent from CILEX. Notably, this consultation comes at a significant time, following transfer talks between SRA leaders and CILEX. CILEx Regulation aims to improve the regulatory system by tailoring it to the unique contributions of CILEx practitioners, fostering competition, and benefiting consumers of legal services. The consultation period, which had been previously paused due to complaints from CILEX, will conclude on 26 June.

Key Points from the Consultation:

  • Does changing the current regulatory system rank as a priority? Reasons for the answer are sought.
  • Should CILEx Regulation increase its independence from CILEX?

CILEx Regulation's objective is to establish an enhanced regulatory system that acknowledges the distinctive and specialist role of CILEX professionals. They emphasize the importance of maintaining successful aspects such as independent regulation, accommodating professionals at different stages of development, and encouraging diversity in the supply of legal services. While recognizing the need for change, CILEx Regulation seeks input from all stakeholders to ensure an open and evidence-based approach.

In summary, the consultation initiated by CILEx Regulation respectfully challenges the plans of CILEX to transfer regulatory functions to the SRA. The objective is to establish an improved regulatory system that recognizes the unique contributions of CILEx practitioners, fosters competition, and benefits consumers of legal services. It is crucial to approach this matter with sensitivity, ensuring that all perspectives are considered and respected. The consultation period provides a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to contribute their insights before a decision is reached.