The Winners of the PARN ATN Awards are Announced!

29th February 2024

We are delighted to announce the organisations recognised for their exceptional commitment to the ‘Ask The Network’ service in 2023 through the Ask The Network Engagement Awards.

Robert Pitts (Deputy CEO) celebrates the ATN Engagement Awards, describing them as an important step ‘in seeking to build a strong and robust professional body sector. We take great pleasure in recognising those organisations that have gone the 'extra mile' in being at the forefront of this mission’.

Winners and Special Recognitions:

Winner: The Nautical Institute

John Lloyd was pleased to have been recognised as the winner of the ATN Engagement Awards and went on to express that the "the nature of the questions helps us to stay informed about topics that we should be interested in. It adds value in two ways, providing us with an opportunity to stay informed about things that we should be interested in and I’m inputting data into those reports too. That’s added value both ways”.

‘One of the things that I constantly say to my team, and I'd say it to anyone else is to look outside your own organisation. If we're only looking inwards, we can't possibly get better.’ 


Special Recognitions: CIEHF and Royal Society of Chemistry

In response to the Special Recognitions, both CIEHF and RSC were pleased to be acknowledged and see the value in completing the surveys.

Ben Peachey from CIEHF remarked that the professional bodies get valuable insights from the surveys they send to their members and stakeholders; ATNs are an excellent complement to this and offer valuable benchmarking. It helps us learn about good practices.’

Professional bodies have a shared interest in the whole sector being run as well as possible. The things we need to look at and address are vast, so being able to see how others are tackling similar challenges is vital.’

‘We use ATN survey results to inform us about what other member organisations or professional bodies are doing’ says Toby Underwood from RSC, who goes on to explain that they inform us on how to move forward in our projects’.


Ask The Network Service

Ask The Network Surveys are short, impactful surveys that enable members and non-members across the sector to share insights on topics of their choice. These surveys contribute to a valuable pool of knowledge and facilitate active engagement.

Recognition and Awards:

Those receiving the ATN Engagement award will be presented a digital badge for display on their website. Winners will also be invited to the next PARN conference.

Encouraging Collaboration:

The Network is dedicated to promoting best practices and equipping professional bodies to address common challenges. The ATN Engagement Awards are a natural extension of this mission, inspiring others to foster active and meaningful engagement within the professional body sector.

Looking Ahead:

The Engagement Award has helped to drive forward ATNs and we are considering how we may be able to incorporate other recognition programs to celebrate collaboration and commitment to the sector.

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For more information about the ATN Engagement Awards, please visit PARN's website or contact Alex Witt, ATN Coordinator.