We are committed to advancing knowledge

The sector is unique and our research endeavours to discover and share good and interesting practice for the professional body sector. We work on varied projects in terns of size and topic, and includes longitudinal benchmarking studies such as the Professional Body Benchmarking Survey (PBBS) and Financial Benchmarking Report (FBR) which offer the ability to compare your own organisation against others.

We identify challenges and opportunities facing professional bodies

By doing this, we are able to complete both comprehensive and 'bite sized' studies in the form of surveys, desk research, interviews and focus groups. We  strive to provide valuable insights that help associations enhance their functions such as member engagement, governance, and professional standards.

We collaborate with industry leaders and academic experts

This ensures that  our research is both rigorous and relevant, driving innovation and excellence within the professional community. Our mission is to empower professional bodies with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Alongside our pivotal PARN research, we also run Ask The Network surveys on behalf of our members which can be provide a snapshot of the sector in its current state, helping with strategic decision making and covering a vast range of topics.

We are the leading organisation for research in the sector

If you are a member organisation and you want to discuss running an Ask The Network survey, we would love to hear from you. If you require something of more depth and detail or to a tighter time frame than the ATN service can provide, we are able to offer bespoke consultancy packages to suit every budget. Get in contact with the Services Manager today to arrange a discovery/scoping call with the team.