Research Roundtable: PARN AI Consortium Project

Come along to this virtual roundtable to discuss how your organisation can shape, inform and run an in-depth research project looking at AI workplace developments

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You may recall a short piece we produced for PARN's sector news 'Grave New World' outlining our thoughts about the impact AI will make upon the sector.   

Whilst we have all been aware of workplace changes promulgated through the advancement of AI for some time, it feels that the pace of change has suddenly accelerated presenting us with a set of new challenges and hopefully opportunities. 

Our plan is to establish a consortium group to help shape, inform and run an in depth research programme looking at AI workplace developments. To do this, we would like to invite you to attend an informal scoping meeting (virtual) where we hope to identify both interested parties and pin down some core outcomes and evaluations.    

This roundtable event provides you with the chance to come along to share your thoughts on the impact of AI at your organisation so far, and what you think this research project should look like. We start this process with a blank sheet of paper and trust that our consortium partners will use this opportunity to guide the work in specific directions of importance to the group.  

This meeting is free to attend though there is no obligation to do so, but we will be asking for contributions from those who wish to become part of the consortium steering group and to be part of shaping our research 

This roundtable will be held virtually via MS Teams

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9/21/2023 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
GMT Daylight Time
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